About Me

The task of a leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been. Henry Kissinger

One of my personal goals has been to follow this advice by Henry Kissinger. To that end, I have taken on the endeavor to utilize my professional management skills and build a home-based business around my passion for design and handcrafted goods.

I reside in a small town in Connecticut with my husband, 2 cats, and a pygmy rabbit. My life has revolved around family, education, and career. I have two Bachelor Degrees, one in Medical Technology and another in Electrical Engineering. The growth of my career has also required numerous management, accounting, marketing, and leadership courses.  I can put these skills to good use in my new adventure.

I was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and helped put myself through college by working two very diverse part-time jobs. My afternoons were spent in retail at a fishing equipment franchise and my evenings were spent at the KC Royals baseball stadium as an usherette.  Both jobs dealt with the public and were eye opening in very different ways.

After obtaining my B.S. in Medical Technology, I expanded my horizons and relocated to Connecticut to work in the medical field. I knew that I loved creating things with my hands, but it surprised me to discover that I enjoyed troubleshooting and repairing the medical instrumentation I utilized on the job. As a result, I went back to school in the evenings to obtain my Electrical Engineering degree. Upon completion of this degree, I broadened my horizons yet again and accepted a technical support position with a large medical diagnostics company near Boston, Massachusetts. It thrilled me that I would be able to use both of my degrees in this new endeavor. I loved the work and was promoted rapidly through a series of increasingly responsible management positions. When the company was purchased by a much larger diagnostics company, I was recruited to an expanded management role that required my relocation back to Connecticut so that I could commute to the company headquarters just outside of New York City. Within a short period of time I became the Director of Product Support managing multiple support groups worldwide.

Throughout my career I have traveled extensively and gained enormous experience in a range of business functions including engineering management, manufacturing and customer support, project management, and sales/marketing support. I have the ability to build, guide, and sustain organizations/teams that consistently outperform expectations, and have successfully built strong synergies between different organizational entities across worldwide sites. I believe this ability is in part due to my belief in mentoring and empowering people so that they can attain greater personal and professional heights. I have now taken a sabbatical from the big business corporate world and have decided to pursue an entrepreneurial path.  I believe that all of the experiences and knowledge I have gleaned throughout my career will assist me down this path.

There has always been a passion within me to create things with my hands and explore nature. My sense of humor is often evident in my creations and presentations. I have interwoven my creative side into my professional life via motivational tools for my groups and through my presentation style. Over the years I have used my creativity as an outlet for stress and to provide gifts for family and friends. I have honed my skills in stained glass, painting, paper crafting, polymer clay, needlework, quilting, jewelry making, fabric art, photography, digital imagery, and presentation platforms through courses, research, and self education. My creative interests are quite diverse because I love to learn new things. I really enjoy taking a concept, creating a design, and the challenge of molding that design into a final product whether it is a physical item, digital art, electronic card, or animated presentation. This journey from concept to final product is exuberating. Putting my heart and soul into handcrafting something always leaves a smile on my face and a sense of accomplishment. I am now channeling this creative passion and starting a small business.
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