Copyright and Terms of Use


All content, including images, text, concepts, and designs are the sole property of Polished Moxie Concepts and Designs. You may copy and selectively edit projects for your personal use as long as you give proper credit with a link to the original post. Content shared on this site is intended to be used for your personal inspiration only and may not be used for publication, submissions, or design contests.

All of the original digital designs on this blog are hand drawn specifically for Polished Moxie Concepts and Designs and are copyright protected. The original artwork is intended for your personal use only and may not be traded, shared or sold either in digital or printed form.

You are permitted to make and sell individually handmade and hand-colored projects that you create using Polished Moxie original digital designs that you have purchased.  You are also permitted to use Polished Moxie artwork in your finished projects for online postings and challenge submissions, but please include name and copyright information and preferably a link back to the Polished Moxie blog.
Thank you for respecting these limitations.


You agree to the following terms when you purchase any of the digital imagery listed by Polished Moxie.

Purchase of items does not in anyway transfer copyright.  

Polished Moxie holds the copyright on the designs and they may not be copied, downloaded, or reproduced for any purpose.  The designs may not be resold or redistributed in any form.

The images are for personal, non-commercial use only.

You may use the images in creating handcrafted items for sale, but may not claim the image as your own.

Proper credit must be given to Polished Moxie wherever the image is used.

Your item for sale must be handmade and not mechanically or mass produced.

Each handcrafted item created for sale must be personally and solely made by you (the purchaser of the image) and not reproduced or copied by any means.

Use of the images in mass production, assembly line construction, production by workers for hire, or syndication of handcrafted products for sale is strictly prohibited.

Designs may not be altered in any manner.  Alteration of designs will be considered infringement of copyright.

Images may not be used in logos, company trademarks, web design, banners, avatars, business cards, digital products for sale, clipart, or other commercial endeavors/use.

You may not sell or give the images as digital files or printed sheets to anyone else.

You may not turn the images into rubber stamps.

You may not digitize the images for embroidery machines.

You may not use the images for print on demand services such as Zazzle, Cafepress, or similar services.

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