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Black Cat Ghost Halloween Card

What would Halloween be without black cats and ghosts?  How about combining the two and making a Halloween card featuring a black cat dressed up like a ghost?  I have the perfect stamp for this idea, so that's what I did.  I wanted the black cat to be the focus of the card and add some drama via my color selection.  I selected a darker color palette to achieve my goal.  I had my concept, my color scheme, and I found a cute sentiment in my crafting journal for the inside.  I was ready to start my black cat ghost Halloween card.

The Making of a Black Cat Ghost Halloween Card

Card Statistics

Card Front

Picture of the front of the Halloween card

I had selected a color palette of black, gray, and olive green.  A base card was created by cutting and scoring black cardstock.  For this card, I developed two separate panels; one for the front of the card and another for the inside.  I started with the front panel by layering gray cardstock on olive green cardstock.  To add interest to the panel I cut a strip of black cardstock and scalloped punched one edge lengthwise.  I then layered strips of olive green and gray cardstocks on top of it.  This completed strip was adhered to the panel.

The image was stamped on white cardstock and inks were sponged around the image to create the background.  This image was matted on black and olive green cardstocks.  After looking at the completed image, I felt that it lacked something, but couldn't put my finger on what was missing.  

As I was mulling this dilemma over in my mind, Bingo approached for head scratches.  While rubbing Bingo's ears, I inadvertently moved a plastic grocery bag sitting on the table and he jumped and ran as if shot from a cannon.  Bingo obviously had a stressful life prior to becoming a part of our family and the strangest things scare him.  I thought "Good grief, even a mouse would scare him!" and hence, an idea took fruition.  I added a trio of mice punched from black cardstock to the bottom of the image.  To me it looks like the mice have spooked the cat.  I am quite pleased with this effect.

The completed image was adhered to the front panel.  To finish the panel I secured a ribbon and bow below the image.  I then attached the panel to the front of the black card base.

Angle View of Card Front to Show Dimension

Picture of card set at an angle to show dimension on the front of the card
As you can see, the only true dimension to the card is the bow.

I also decorated the inside of the card.  But before sharing the inside panel, I thought I would show you a picture of the inspiration for the trio of mice on my card image.

This is Bingo my "Scaredy Cat"

Picture of my black and white cat peeking up the stairs from around a corner

In this picture Bingo is peeking around the corner looking up the stairs.  This is a typical pose when he wants to know what's going on upstairs, but is not brave enough to investigate any closer to the action.  If you start to come down the steps, he takes off like a shot.  Poor baby, but he has a very good life now...spoiled rotten.  

Now, let's deal with the inside panel.

Card Inside

Picture of inside of the Halloween card

White cardstock was printed with the sentiment "If You've Got It, Haunt It!"  I got a kick out of this play on words and thought it was a perfect compliment to the image on the front of the card.  The lower edge of the cardstock is embellished with mice and tombstones punched from black cardstock.  This sentiment panel is matted with gray and olive green cardstock and adhered to the inside of the card base.

I completed the card by placing my logo in coordinating color on the back of the card.

An envelope made from scratch out of heavy cover stock was decorated to reflect the card.  Ink was sponged on the lower left corner using the colors found in the background of the card image.  A black cat with arched back is stamped onto the sponged background.  I lightly sprayed the envelope with sealer to make the image more durable for its journey through the postal system.

Final Card and Envelope Combo

Picture of black cat ghost Halloween card and its coordinating envelope

I showed this card to my husband and the cat in the image reminded him of Gracie because of the bushy tail.  I contemplated this and decided that the sentiment also fitted Gracie because she considers herself to be the queen of the household.  Anyway, I'm pleased with the final card and grateful for Bingo's assistance.

You can purchase this card and envelope ensemble in my Etsy Shop: Black Cat Ghost Halloween Card

Tidbit of wisdom from the experience: Inspiration can come from the strangest the unexpected actions of a cat.

Card Recipe Specifics

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