Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lord, Please Give My Little Town a Break

Just a quick post on happenings here in my world.  Over the past few weeks my little town has been in the state news for several different things and most are for distressing events.

  • Record amounts of snow: As you know from my posts my area has been in the sweet spot for snow this winter and we have gotten record amounts with a foot of snow depth still in place.
  • Major Fire: House caught fire and there was difficulty getting equipment to the structure because of all of the snow and ice.  This fire was about 3 miles from my house.
  • Second Major Fire: New house that had not sold caught fire and was only noticed by a passing motorist.  Big money loss.  Not related to the previous fire.
  • Barns Collapsing from Weight of Snow on Roofs: We have several historic structures in our town and several barns have collapsed from the weight of the snow.
  • Third Major Fire: Shopping center with 12 businesses burnt to the ground.  This structure is less than 0.5 miles from my house and if I had looked out my window I would have seen the big ball of fire.  Because it occurred in the middle of the night, I heard all of the sirens, but put my pillow over my head and went back to sleep (much to my husband's disgust).  This required firefighters from many towns and brought an influx of media over several days.  This fire looks to be electrical in nature.
  • Bald Eagles Wintering Along the River: This is a good thing.  We have 2 bald eagle pairs that stay in our town all year, but during the winter months we have a lot of eagles that come to our area because of the dam on the river where the water doesn't freeze up due to the power generation.  The power company allows people access to a viewing area to watch the eagles.  We see them all the time along the river and once in awhile over our house.  I'll share pictures sometime in the future.
  • Now Major Flooding: The worse flooding in 35 years that required water rescues.

This most recent notice of our town has now gone national.  We received over 4 inches of rain Sunday night and some of the worse flooding in 35 years required water rescues one block from my house.  Between all of the rain and the melting snow, it was a mess.

We woke up to loud speakers and flashing lights from police and rescue vehicles.  Police were blocking roads to prevent traffic in front of our house and we could see activity in the distance.  We figured it had to be due to flooding because of the rain, but didn't realize how bad it was until later in the day.  Needless to say, we have had media and news cameras here over the past 36 hours.  The sad thing about it is that I see flooding happening later this week because we have another significant storm to hit at the end of the week.

You would think that with the 4 inches of rain and the several days of temperatures in the 40's and 50's that the snow would have all melted by now.

Take a look at these pictures that I took of my backyard this morning.

Picture of snowy backyard

Picture of snowy backyard

After all this rain and the warm weather we still have about 8 inches of snow depth.  The only bare ground we see is in the paths that we shoveled, along the street where salt had been used on the road, and under the evergreen trees.  We still have a lot of snow to melt, hence I see more flooding in our future.

Thanks for letting me whine for a little while.  I'll try to post a new card later today.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back soon!

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