Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stuck on Glue. My Foray into the World of Adhesion

During the past two years I have tried many types of glues and adhesive techniques on my cards.  It has been a challenge because I'm pretty critical of my own work and the adhesive just adds another variable into my final product.  

On my earlier cards I had used special bookbinding PVA glue that initially worked well on most heavy papers and cardstocks.  As time past I noticed that the corners of my affixed layers would begin to come loose and loose corners I can absolutely not stand.  What was worse is that summer humidity would cause my cards to warp and curl, even when stored flat.  That ended my affair with PVA as my main adhesive.  

I then turned to the xyron adhesive system.  I had read great reviews on it and in the beginning I fell in love all over again. The xyron adhesive worked well and I didn't see loose corners or warping over time.  However, it was expensive.  Even with discounts, coupons, and sales the cost per card was extremely high.  I stuck with it while I looked at other alternatives, but alas, this love affair ended when I noticed that during very hot weather my cards were sticking closed and I would often have to prior them open and in the process bend my card corners.  I hate bent corners!  Upon closer inspection I could see melted xyron adhesive oozing out between the paper layers and I couldn't get it off without damaging my cards.  The heat did a number on my cards and ruined any profitable future with my xyron, although I still use it for stickers.

I tried the double sided tape dispensers, but often times based upon placement of the tape I would see loose corners...and I hate loose corners.  I know some of the issue was in my technique, but I grew frustrated and never really got into any relationship with this adhesive system.

What a pickle!  Then about a year ago I tried YES adhesive and have found that my love for it has grown.  It takes me a little longer to apply to my papers, but I don't get warping in humidity or oozing in the heat, not to mention that it is pretty cost effective for me.  And, over time I have not observed any loose corners.  Yeah!  My cards made it through Hurricane Irene with the extreme humidity without a problem.

So now I am using YES and quite pleased with it so far and our affair has lasted much longer than those with my other adhesive adventures.

My next adhesive challenge was ribbons, bows, and buttons.  I initially used the xyron on my ribbon and glue dots for my bows and buttons.  The xyron story for my ribbon traveled the same path as that for my papers.  With regards to the glue dots, I found that over time they were losing their adhesiveness and I began to find loose bows and buttons in my packaged cards.  Not good!  Although easy to use, I needed staying power and sturdiness during handling.  By chance I happened across a clear gel adhesive that was fantastic on my ribbon, buttons, and bows.  It has staying power and over time I have not discovered any underlying issues.  Here's keeping my fingers crossed.

One of my most recent challenges has been dimensional layering on my cards.  I initially used foam dimensionals that I liked a lot.  I could cut them to size and place them where I needed them.  However, like the glue dots, they were losing their adhesiveness over time and I would find stray elements and loose panels in my packaged cards.  Also, I observed sagging (yuck) of my panels between the dimensionsals.  After much experimentation I have settled on clear silicone adhesive to replace the dimensionals.  It gives me more flexibility for obtaining different heights in my card elements, and I haven't observed in time issues with it over the past 7 months.  It too passed Hurricane Irene with flying colors.

So right now (barring in future discoveries) I have found an adhesive system for my handmade cards that works for me.  YES adhesive for my paper layers, clear gel adhesive for my ribbons, buttons, and bows, and clear silicone adhesive for my paper tole and dimensional elements.  Only time will tell how long this affair will last.

Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my adventure into the world of adhesion with you. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come back soon!

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