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Vampire, Bats, and Blood Halloween Card

Okay, I'll admit it.  I had a fascination with vampires and bats long before it became fashionable.  Blood...not so much.  I knew I just had to make a Halloween card featuring bats and a vampire, but I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do.  I perused my crafting journal and found the sentiment "Enjoy Every Bite" and thought this would give me something to design around.  When I think of vampires and eating, I think blood....lots and lots of dripping blood.  Therefore, dripping blood had to be incorporated, but in a "tasteful" way.  Blood means red in my book, so red would be the feature color.  I doodled for quite some time and came up with a concept and design for my bloody vampire and bats Halloween Card.

The Making of a Bloody Vampire and Bats Halloween Card

Card Statistics

Front of Card

Picture of front of vampire Halloween card
The card base is created from red cardstock I scored at the top so that the card opens vertically from the bottom.  I created two panels; one for the front of the card and the other for the inside sentiment.  I started with the front panel.

The vampire image is stamped on white cardstock.  It is colored using Prismacolor pencils and gamsol.  I created the background by sponging on several inks.  The completed image is matted on gray and red cardstock.  I punched the lower border of the red cardstock to resemble dripping blood.

I created the base of the front panel by layering gray and white cardstocks.  A piece of shiny black and silver striped ribbon was adhered vertically down the length of one side and wrapped around the top and lower edges.  The matted image was positioned on the ribbon.

The front sentiment "It's Halloween" is printed on white cardstock and matted on gray and red cardstocks.  Again, the red cardstock's lower border is punched to resemble dripping blood.  This completed sentiment is adhered to the front panel.

Three flying bats that have been punched from black cardstock are added along the right side of the image to complete the front panel.  This panel is adhered to the front of the red card base.

Angle View of Card Front to Show Dimension

Picture of card set at an angle to show dimension on front of card

As you can see, this card does not have any added dimension.  All layers are adhered to one another without pop ups, therefore, the card is relatively flat.  The touch of panache comes from the shiny striped ribbon.

The inside panel was next on my list.

Card Inside

Picture of the inside of the Halloween card

"Enjoy Every Bite!" is printed on white cardstock matted by gray cardstock for the panel.  It is adorned with silver and black striped ribbon from which red cardstock punched to resemble dripping blood flows from the bottom of it.  A couple of black cardstock flying bats are the finishing touch that ties it all together.  This completed panel is adhered to the inside of the card base.

The card is completed by placing my logo on the back.

I also custom made an envelope from scratch to compliment the card.  It is made from heavy cover stock and stamped with red dripping splatter marks along the left hand side.  I lightly sprayed the envelope with sealer to make the image more durable for its journey through the postal system.

Final Card and Envelope Combo

Picture of vampire Halloween card with coordinating envelope

My husband's take on the card: "Very Nice."  Nice?!?  Oh well, I guess I managed the "tasteful" part when dealing with a "bloody" Halloween card.

You can purchase this card and envelope ensemble in my Etsy Shop: Bloody Vampire and Bats Halloween Card

Tidbit of wisdom from the experience: While crafting, do not torment the cats with ribbon unless you know they have had recent manicures.  Sharp nails draw blood!  My thought: my hand now looks like it's part of my card theme.

Card Recipe Specifics

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  1. Love your spooktacular Halloween card! It's just so bloody and drippy ... lol


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