Friday, November 5, 2010

Adventures to Missouri and a Sneak Peak

It's been a crazy few days around my house the past week.  I had to ready myself for a trip half way across the country for a visit with my parents.

In order to feel comfortable leaving, I had to get quite a few things done around the house and trick my cats into thinking everything was "normal" in the process.  Ha!  That sure didn't work.

I don't know why (call me crazy), but for some reason I go into a cleaning frenzy before leaving on a trip.  I have this overwhelming urge to organize things that have sat untouched for weeks and do a lot of last minute cleaning.  As usual, I didn't get everything I intended done, but I did drink enough coffee in the process to sink a battleship.  Oh well, my house is cleaner than it was, and the rest will be there waiting for me when I get back.

My cats don't like to travel, especially in their travel carriers.  When I take them for their annual vet checkups, you would think I was torturing them by the sounds emitting from the carriers.  Thank goodness that the drive to the vets is under a mile from our house.  I was not so lucky for my current trip because their home away from home is about 60 miles away.

I used my stealth mode when packing because both Bingo and Gracie correlate my suitcase with travel carriers.  Hence, they hide when my suitcase comes out and I have a devil of a time finding them, not to mention catching them once I have found them.  This time around I kept my suitcase hidden from sight and when the time came to leave (at a gosh awful 3:30 a.m. in the morning), I was able to grab both of them and toss them in separate bathrooms to keep them contained while I got the cat carriers out.  Piece of cake...until Gracie head butted her carrier door and it flew open allowing her to make the great escape.  I couldn't believe that a 14.5 pound could move so fast up the stairs.  Apparently I didn't have the latch on the carrier door seated quite right.  The great chase began, but I was able to outsmart her and got her back in the dreaded carrier within a couple of minutes.  This time I made sure that the latch was seated properly.

Now the bunny is always game for anything, and the great chase had gotten him excited so that he was making thumping sounds with his back feet and wanting to join in the fun.  When I sat his travel cage down, he was very accommodating and just hopped right into in without any threats from me.  Big sigh of relief!

After loading all three of my travel companions into the car, we headed through the dark streets toward their temporary home away from home.  And then it started...the meow serenades.  I'm not sure what song they were screeching, but I'm sure the words went something like "Let me the hell out of this cage and take me back home!"  I tried talking to them, but they were having none of it and just got louder.  So I just turned on the radio full blast and let them sing.  Here it is almost four in the morning, and I'm traveling down the highway in a convoy of big rigs with my radio full blast, the cats singing at the top of their lungs, and the bunny serenely munching on food in his cage.  What an adventure...but visiting my parents is worth all of the hassle.

Once we reached our destination, the cats both shot out of their carriers like their tails were on fire and I never saw them again before I left for the airport.  They didn't even say good-bye!  What a way to start the day.

Over the years I have traveled extensively, both for business and pleasure.  I have learned how to pack a ton of things into a very small space.  The challenge for me has always been to pack my suitcase under the weight limit.  I always take more than I need for the "just in case" circumstances.  This time was no exception.

It's been a fair amount of time since I have traveled on an airplane, so I checked out the rules in place for the airline I was flying on.  I found out that I could take two bags on board and that any bag checked would have a 50 pound weight limit.  I also discovered that I would have to pay for each bag checked and pay an extra $50 for each one that was overweight.  My goal was to check one bag and take two carryon bags (my purse and one bag).  

I wanted to bring some crafting equipment with me so that I could work on things while I was away, and of course, I needed to take clothes to wear.  I briefly considered forgetting the clothes to make room for more of my crafting stuff, but needless to say modesty won out (plus I didn't want to be responsible for any heart attacks at the retirement community where my parents reside).

I sorted through my have to bring craft items and loaded them into my carryon bag.  Once it was full I loaded the remainder into my purse and threw my sketch books, scoring board, paper cutter, and circle cutter into the suitcase with my clothes and cosmetics.  I also had a large boot box filled with cards to finish and a portable hard drive.  My husband looked in disbelief at my stuff and said "No way are they going to let you on the plane with all of that!  You need to reduce and consolidate it!"  Since he has done lots of business traveling recently, I took him at his word (well kind of) and went about consolidating things (no way was I going to reduce it).

I rearranged things and got it all in my purse, a carryon bag, and my suitcase.  I was now ready to go.  My husband just gave me a look that spoke volumes.  That look portrayed his thoughts: "There's no way you're meeting the weight limit!"  I want you to know that my checked bag weighed in at 49.8 pounds...I made the weight limit.  Of course, if I buy anything on my visit, it's going to have to be shipped back home and not taken on the plane.

Thank goodness my flights were uneventful.  Even with all of the coffee I had consumed, the extensive housecleaning, trials of packing, and morning excitement had left me exhausted.  I slept on both flights and I arrived at my final destination 23 minutes ahead of schedule.

So I'm now in Missouri for 2 plus weeks and will update my blog as I can.  Obviously visiting with my family takes precedent, but I'll check in a few times to share any new cards and exciting happenings.

Here's a sneak peak of a card to come.

Tidbit of wisdom from the experience: If you're so exhausted that all you want to do is sleep on the plane, it doesn't matter that you don't have much leg room and you're eating your knees that are pressed against the seat in front of you.

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon!

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see the rest of this card! Have a wonderful vacation with your family!


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