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Giraffe Card - Continuing My Journey on the Wild Side

Close up picture of card image
Continuing my journey on the wild side I've selected the giraffe as my featured wild animal for this next card.  I have several giraffe stamps and decided to use one of my more whimsical giraffes on this card as opposed to one of my realistic giraffes.  He's a little quirky, but he made me smile when I saw him in my stamp collection. I used the same simple design that I used on my zebra card (here), but made the card vertical to fit my stamp.  The color scheme I selected was based on the giraffe print paper.

Before I share my card with you, I would like to share some pictures of a very confused little fellow that we watched in our backyard a couple of weeks ago.  He's hard to see in my first picture because he's so small and I did not use the zoom function so the picture gives a better perspective of the scene.  Look closely under the red arrow and you may be able to see him.

Picture of chipmunk sitting on the snow

It's a little chipmunk that appears to have awakened a little early from his hibernation.  We still have about 18 inches of snow depth at this time.  He came out and started running around like a crazed animal before he settled here to look around.  Here's a closer picture of him surveying his surroundings.

Close up picture of chipmunk sitting in the snow

You can see his little footsteps where he ran around in manic circles when he first appeared.  After sitting for a little bit he ran over to the bird feeding area to grab a bite to eat.

Picture of chipmunk grabbing corn feed to eat

After grabbing some food he ran back to the area where his home is beneath all of the snow.

Picture of chipmunk with his pouches filled with corn and eating in the snow

Look at those fat little cheeks.  He sure stuffed his pouches...must be pretty hungry.  We have seen him several times since this day.

The Making of My "Giraffe Card"

Card Statistics

Card Front

Picture of the front of the giraffe card

I created the base card from deep rust cardstock and layered it with a giraffe print paper and yellowed orange cardstock.  The yellowed orange cardstock is my zing of color for this card.

For the focal point of the card I stamped the whimsical giraffe in brown ink on white cardstock and colored it in bold tones using gamsol and colored pencils.  I used a darker color along the giraffe's neck to mimic a mane shadow.  I sponged a combination of colors around the giraffe reflecting the overall card color scheme.  Upon completion I matted this giraffe image with yellowed orange cardstock and popped the image panel from the surface of the card to add dimension to the card.

Angle Views of Card Front to Show Dimension

Picture of card set at an angle to show dimension on the card front

Close up of the image on the card set at an angle to show dimension

You can see the dimension added to the face of the card by the popped image panel.

Card Inside

I kept the inside of the card clean.  White cardstock is matted with yellowed orange cardstock and embellished with a strip of the giraffe print paper.

The coordinating envelope I constructed from heavy cover stock and added a decorative strip of the zebra print down the left side.

Final Card and Envelope Combo

Picture of card and its coordinating envelope

I think this card reflects the whimsical aura I wanted to capture.

You can purchase this card in my Polished Moxie Etsy Shop: Giraffe Card

Card Recipe Specifics

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