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Walking Tiger Card - Journey on the Wild Side with Wild Cats

Picture of image on card
During my journey on the wild side I've shared my zebra card (here) and my giraffe card (here).  Now I'm moving into the realm of wild cats.  The first wild cat I decided to feature on a card is the tiger.  I have a couple of tiger stamps and selected my realistic walking tiger stamp.  For the color scheme on the card I used the tiger print paper to direct me.  Again, I used the same simple sketch that I used on the previous two wild animal cards.

Prior to continuing on my journey with the tiger card, I'm going to share a few pictures with you.  Because of all of the snow, we have created several paths in our yard so that we can reach various areas of our yard.  These paths also direct the flow of water from the melting snow.  We've discovered that the animals coming out of the surrounding woodlands also use our paths.  Recently we received a fresh snowfall and I was able to capture pictures of the animal tracks in our paths.

This first picture is a portion of our drive and an entrance to a path we have created for the snow melt.  You can see the various animal tracks heading into the path from the drive.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

My next picture is where the snow melt path meets the path we created to get to our compost bins.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

The following picture is the view down our compost path.  There are several different animal tracks coming and going.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

This next picture shows where the compost path splits into two paths; one continues on to the compost bins and the other to our wood pile.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

As we continue to the compost bins this is what we see.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

All along the path as I looked out over the snow I saw lots of tracks in the woodlands going to or coming from the path.  Here's an example in my next picture.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

Our compost bins are obviously a draw based upon all the tracks shown below.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

And here we are past the compost bins heading in and out of the woodlands.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

My last picture shows where one of the critters left the path and headed out across the yard.  He had to jump pretty high to get into the yard because the snow depth at this time was about 18 inches.

Picture of animal tracks in the snow

I'm still amazed at the amount of snow we have here.  I don't ever remember this much snow on the ground for such a long period of time.  Usually it snows and within a few days it all melts...not this year...oh well, lots of new experiences for us.

The Making of My "Walking Tiger" Card

Card Statistics

Card Front

Picture of the front of the walking tiger card
I started this card by creating the base card from yellowed orange cardstock and layered it with a tiger print paper and black cardstock.  The yellowed orange was my zing of color for this card.

For focal point of the card I stamped the walking tiger on white cardstock.  I pulled out several of my animal books to look at pictures of tigers in the wild and colored my tiger to reflect those in the pictures using gamsol and colored pencils.  After coloring the tiger, I sponged a combination of colors around him to mirror the overall color scheme.  Upon completion of the image, I matted it with yellowed orange and black cardstocks.  I popped the image panel off the surface of the card to add a little dimension to the card.

Angle Views of Card Front to Show Dimension

Close up view of the image panel on the card set at an angle

The pictures above show the dimension added to the card by popping the image panel from the surface of the card.  You can also see the color variations of the tiger.

Inside Card

I created the inside from white cardstock matted with black cardstock and embellished it with a strip of the tiger print down the left hand side.

I also constructed a coordinating envelope from heavy cover stock and added a decorative strip of the tiger print down the left side.

Final Card and Envelope Combo

I enjoyed working on the tiger for this card and adding the layers of color to him in order to achieve a realistic look.

You can purchase this card in my Polished Moxie Etsy Shop: Walking Tiger Card

Card Recipe Specifics

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back soon!

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  1. Love your tiger card. This is going to be a great boxed set! You sure have quite a bit of snow where you are. The rain yesterday cleared out most of what we had.


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