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Embossed Cross with Bible Verse Easter Card and My Three Amigos

Picture of a portion of the Easter card
Well, the last bit of snow finally melted on Sunday and I now feel that I can evict the snowbirds from my bird feeder.  In my opinion it is time for them to head for home to our north.  Spring is in the air and Easter is around the corner.  I have another Easter card to share with you and it plays off the previous two Easter cards that I posted; Flourish Embossed Cross Easter Card and Dove and Cross Easter Card.  For this Easter card I used the Bible verse Matthew 28:6 as the backdrop for a dry embossed cross entwined in branches.  This Easter card is like the other two in its simple elegance and layered dimensional elements.  I derived the colors of my embossed cross Easter card from the ribbon I selected to use in the project.

I'd like to share a few pictures of some visitors to my bird feeder before delving into the construction of my Easter card.  I keep an eye on my bird feeding area throughout the day and here are some pictures of the activity I captured earlier this week.

Picture from above of three deer eating in a bird feeding area

I call them my three amigos because they show up together a few times a week.  They came by earlier than they usually do on this day.  Notice the cardinal sitting patiently on the plant hanger waiting for them to leave so that he can finish his dinner before the sun goes down.  Here are a couple of pictures that show these guys a little closer.

Picture of three deer in a bird feeding area

Picture of three deer in a bird feeding area

My final picture is of the three amigos heading off into the wetlands.  If you look closely you can see their three behinds amongst the trees.  They have stopped on the hill and I think they are trying to decide the best way to get around the water below them.

Picture of the backsides of three deer looking out over a wetlands

Shortly after taking this picture, the three amigos scampered off to the right down the hill and around the water heading into the wetlands.  It's fascinating to me that we have so much wildlife traveling through our yard when we are only a block from the town center and not in the rural part of town.  We've done a lot of landscaping to encourage wildlife, so I guess we've been fairly successful on that front.

The Making of My "Embossed Cross with Bible Verse" Easter Card

Card Statistics

Card Front 

Picture of the front of the Easter card

My card was developed around my ribbon selection.  I used the rust and beige colors of the ribbon and added a dark orange for the color pop.  I scored dark orange cardstock for the card base and set it aside so that I could make front and inside panels to affix to it.

For the front panel I started with beige cardstock and punched the lower border.  I layered a piece of rust cardstock on top of the beige piece.  As you can see I border punched the rust cardstock in such a manner that it offset the punched border of the lower beige cardstock.

My next step was to print out the Bible verse in rust colored ink on beige cardstock and use a Nestabilities die to both cut out the verse and emboss its edge.  I affixed the Bible verse to the panel and added ribbon.  These elements are the backdrop for the cross.

With regards to the cross, I cut it out of rust cardstock and used a Cuttlebug folder to emboss it.  Note that my embossed pattern reflects the pattern in the ribbon.  To add more depth to the cross I sponged on some brown and matted it with beige cardstock.  I decorated the cross with branches punched from dark orange cardstock and positioned it on the front panel with foam dimensionals.   I affixed more branches to the panel to add interest and topped it all off with a bow made from the decorative ribbon.  Once completed, I attached the panel to the front of the card base.

Angle Views of Card Front to Show Dimension

Close up picture of the front of the card set at an angle to show the dimensional elements

Close up picture of the front of the card set at an angle to show the dimensional elements

From the pictures above you can see the various elements of dimension I have incorporated on the front of the card.

Inside Card

Close up picture of the inside of the card set at an angle to show the dimensional elements

For the inside panel I printed "Happy Easter" in rust colored ink on beige cardstock and used another Nestabilities to die cut it out.  I embossed the outer edge to reflect the Bible verse on the front of the card.  I affixed the inside sentiment to a panel consisting of rust cardstock layered on beige cardstock.  Towards the bottom of the panel I added a ribbon and popped a cross cut from beige cardstock on a backdrop of branches punched from dark orange cardstock.  I affixed the completed panel to the inside of the card base.

I constructed a coordinating envelope from heavy cover stock and decorated the lower left corner.  I sponged a background in rust, orange and brown inks and affixed a small cross cut from beige cardstock on a backdrop of branches punched from dark orange cardstock.

The embellishments were sprayed with sealer to protect them in the mail.

Final Card and Envelope Combo

Picture of card and its coordinating envelope

In my opinion the pictures don't do this card justice.  It's much prettier when looking at it in person.

You can purchase this card in my Polished Moxie Etsy Shop: Embossed Cross with Bible Verse Easter Card

Card Recipe Specifics

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you come back soon!

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  1. Beautiful Easter card! The leaf sprigs add a nice touch. Boy, you have a lot of backyard friends. I had to put wire around my bushes this past winter to the deer wouldn't eat them.

  2. WOW! That is one beautiful card! I love the bible verse you choose as well. Very inspiring. Keep it up :)

    Rasmi xxx


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