Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Batty for You Halloween Card

Several years ago we lived in an area that had several bat colonies.  I could sit out on our back deck in the evening and watch the bats fly through the sky catching insects.  Where we currently live, there are bats around, but not in our immediate area.  Now when I sit out on our deck I see a variety of birds and wildlife, but no bats.  I was thinking about that one evening and decided to create a Halloween card featuring a colony of bats.  I remember seeing a card somewhere that showed bats flying through the moonlight.  My apologies, however, I can't remember where I saw it or the name of the person that created it.  I played off of this idea for my batty Halloween cards.  I actually made two cards that are the same on the front, but have different inside sentiments.  I adapted the coloring for Halloween.

The Making of a Batty for You Halloween Card

Card Statistics

Card Front

Picture of the front of the Halloween card
This card is very simple to make.  I created the card base by cutting and scoring a bright orange cardstock.  A piece of white cardstock slightly larger than I needed was sponged with a variety of inks in yellows, oranges, and reds.  I placed the lighter colors in the center and then worked out toward the edges getting darker as I went.  When the ink was dry, I cut a small strip from one edge which I used on the inside of the card.  I cut the inked cardstock to the size that I needed for the front of the card and affixed it.

 One dozen bats were punched from black cardstock.  I arranged them to my liking and affixed them in place.

Angle View of Card Front to Show Dimension

Picture of card set at an angle to show dimension on the front of the card

This angle view shows that the wings of the bats are popped slightly off the card to give a little added dimension.  I used silicon glue to accomplish this task.

Card One Inside

Picture of the inside of the Halloween card
Super simple inside decoration.  I printed my sentiment on white cardstock and embellished it with a strip of the sponged cardstock from the front of the card and one punched bat.  That makes a total of a baker's dozen of bats to complete the card.  The sentiment panel was affixed to the inside of the card base.

Card Two Inside

Picture of an alternate inside of the Halloween card
Very similar inside to card one, but a different sentiment. 

I printed my logo on the back of each card prior to scoring and decorating them.

I also made an envelope from heavy cover stock.  The lower left corner was sponged with yellow and orange inks to reflect the theme of the card.  A group of flying bats was stamped on the inked background.  The envelope was lightly sprayed with sealer to protect the image during its journey through the mail system.

Final Card and Envelope Combo

Picture of the Halloween card and its coordinating envelope

These card and envelope ensembles can be purchased from my Etsy shop: Batty for You Halloween Card and Colony of Bats Halloween Card

Tidbit of wisdom from this experience: Never ever leave ink sponges on the table...not even for a short period of time.  This is what happens!

Picture of my two cats investigating my craft table

Card Recipe Specifics

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