Monday, February 14, 2011

Moxie the Feline Becomes a Collection of Digital Stamps

Picture of Moxie Has a Heart that is hand colored

Happy Valentine's Day

Do you ever have an idea pop into your head for a card, but don't have that perfect stamp in your stash to implement that idea?  It happens a lot to me and I end up creating a drawing for the project.  As it happens, I enjoy drawing playful characters and animals to incorporate into my handcrafted products.

One of the animals I have drawn is Moxie the feline.  Notice that I said "feline" and not "cat".  Moxie feels that "feline" better portrays her and her sassiness.  She is an independent creature with a touch of attitude.  I created Moxie when I was developing my logo for Polished Moxie.  She is the feline featured in my logo.

My mom suggested that Moxie could be used on my cards in a variety of situations.  After mulling this suggestion over in my mind, I began to design a collection of sketches featuring Moxie.  I've since decided to digitize these illustrations and release them as digital stamps.  It's a lot of work, but I enjoy a challenge and working on the computer.  I've also decided to digitize some of my other sketches into digital stamps.

I've recently completed several illustrations for Moxie and am gradually adding them to my Polished Moxie Etsy Shop.  I thought I'd share the first three I've released with you and then in my next post show you the cards I made incorporating these images.

Moxie Sitting Proud Digital Stamp

My first stamp is just what the name implies.  Moxie is sitting pretty and looking at you.  She's wearing her jeweled necklace and sports her sassy tattoo.  I initially created her to complete a card with the sentiment "You are the cat's meow".

You can purchase this digital stamp in my Polished Moxie Etsy Shop: Moxie Sitting Proud Digital Stamp

Moxie Has a Heart

My second illustration was created for a card with the sentiment "You are Purr-fect for me".  In this digital stamp Moxie is holding a heart.

Picture of Moxie Has a Heart digital stamp

You'll also note that she was my greeting to you at the beginning of this post.  I hand colored her on white cover stock using gamsol and colored pencils.

You can purchase this digital stamp in my Polished Moxie Etsy Shop: Moxie Has a Heart 

Moxie the Love Bandit 

My third illustration is a take on my second one.  I needed a drawing for a card with the sentiment "You stole my heart".  I turned Moxie into a bandit.

Picture of Moxie the Love Bandit digital stamp

You can purchase this digital stamp in my Polished Moxie Etsy Shop: Moxie the Love Bandit

As I release digital stamps to my Etsy Shop I'll share them with you here on my blog.

Later today I'll post the cards I made utilizing these three digital stamps.
Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon!

Picture of the Polished Moxie Logo

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