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Moxie the Feline Cards: Cat's Meow, Perfect for Me, and Stolen Heart

As promised I'm going to share the cards I made featuring my Moxie the Feline digital stamps that I presented in my previous post here. All three Moxie cards are identical with the exception of the sentiments on the front of the cards and the Moxie image utilizedI call them Cat's Meow, Perfect for Me, and Stolen Heart Moxie cards.  Since I made these cards near Valentine's Day I used a color scheme of red, pink, and white.

Before showing you my cards, look who showed back up in my garden.  He's on the bluebird house at the back of the garden. 

Picture of hawk sitting on a bluebird house overlooking a snowy garden

This silly hawk sat out there all poofed up for around four hours.  Needless to say, I had no little birdies at my feeders all afternoon.  I guess he thinks he's being helpful by saving me money on bird food!

Now...to the cards.

The Making of My Three Moxie Cards

Card Statistics

Card Front - Cat's Meow Moxie Card

Picture of the front of Cat's Meow Moxie Card
The base card is made from deep red cardstock.  I actually made the front panels in two parts; an image panel and a base panel.  I tackled the base panel first and printed the sentiment "You are the cat's meow!" on the white cardstock.  Next I layered the striped paper on deep red cardstock and affixed it to the white cardstock below the sentiment.  Using deep red grosgrain ribbon I created a knot bow and attached it to the white panel across the striped paper.  This completed the base panel and I affixed it to the base card.

For the image panel I layered deep red and white cardstocks.  Once this was completed I sized my Moxie Sitting Pretty digital stamp and printed it on white cardstock.  Using colored pencils and gamsol I colored Moxie and then fussy cut her out.  I positioned her on the image panel and popped her from the surface.  This completed the image panel and I popped it to the front of the card to the right of the sentiment.

Card Front - You are Purr-fect for Me Moxie Card

Sentiment: "You are purr-fect for me!"
Image: Moxie Has a Heart digital stamp 

Card Front - You Stole My Heart Moxie Card

Picture of card front for You Stole My Heart Moxie Card

Sentiment: "You Stole My Heart!"
Image: Moxie the Love Bandit digital stamp

As you can see from the pictures above, the cards are all identical with the exception of the sentiments and Moxie images.

Angle View of Card Front to Show Dimension

The pictures above show you the dimension added to the card by popping the image panel and the image.  All of the cards are constructed in this manner.

Card Inside 

I created a simple inside panel of white cardstock decorated with a band of the striped paper.  All cards are the same inside.

The envelopes I designed to compliment the cards are made from heavy cover stock.  Prior to constructing the envelopes I printed each respective Moxie digital stamp on them to match each card.  After constructing the envelopes I colored the images with gamsol and colored pencils.  Finally, I sprayed the images with sealer to protect them in the mail.

Final Card and Envelope Combo

The above picture is the ensemble for the Cat's Meow Moxie set.  The other card ensembles have their respective images on their corresponding envelopes.

I'm pretty proud of these card sets and think they turned out pretty nice. 

You can purchase a Moxie Card or Moxie digital stamp in my Polished Moxie Etsy Shop:

Card Specifics

Thank you for visiting and I hope you come back soon!

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